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The Social Corporation

Social Corp. Basics


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The Social Corporation is a democratically driven social media platform that is both a corporate venture and a social enterprise. We are comprised of ordinary people working in sync through a universal conduit to bring positive change and economic growth to both our global and local communities.   Social Corp leverages our community’s consciousness, resources and collective wisdom to guide our corporation through the decision making process to deliver both socially responsible products and services to the market and help make our world a better place.

Basic Concept

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The Social Corporation functions primarily as a “for-benefit” corporation.  A merger of the traditional profit generating business and the socially focused non-profit entity.  Legally Social Corp is formed as a for-profit private corporation.  We pay corporate taxes and adhere to all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to any business.  Additionally our business activity will always be governed by a set of Social Corporate Values: 1) Inclusive Ownership 2) Democratic Governance 3) Equitable Compensation 4) Transparency 5) Profitability 6) Responsible Activity 7) Protected Assets.

It is important to note that both the social and corporate components work in concert.  Ideally we would like to create products and services or invest in initiatives that can both be profit generating and good for our communities.   An evident example would be investment in or creating a company focused on responsible alternative energy creation.  This would fulfill a desperate need in the market, be potentially profitable, and provide an alternative to environmentally damaging fossil fuels.  It is our primary goal to give consumers responsible options that the market currently chooses not to provide and what governments cannot.  All through a democratic conduit that allows the people to both choose and support those choices, through patronizing our products and services and by providing the support required to develop, test and market our offerings

Social Media Infrastructure

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The cornerstone of The Social Corp with be our Social Media Infrastructure.  Imagine a digital network that functions as a collective think tank and allows all people to work on ideas, pool resources, and implement strategies; the same as a fortune 500 company would, except our corporate motives and initiatives are guided by our social network.  The technology will be designed to provide efficient, fast, and real time decision making, outputs and transparency.  This application will use Game Dynamics to engage and encourage interaction between users.  It will also include legislative voting mechanisms and collaborative tools to ensure that good ideas migrate to the top and are fully developed and then implemented by the group.  The Social Media Infrastructure will be used to maximize success of both our social and corporate arms of The Social Corporation.

Here are a couple of the key elements of the Social Media Infrastructure (SMI)

Social Arm

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The social facet of The Social Corporation will focus on bringing about positive economic, social, educational and health related change to our global and local communities.  It will provide an “e-structure” that creates, manages, and delivers small localized community based projects as well as allowing our members to aggregate their efforts to influence change on a systemic level.  We will utilize the human capital of our network to create a team of volunteers to execute projects like rebuilding local parks, providing health clinics for the community or simply raising awareness of a social issue affecting our world.  Areas of initial interest include; urban and rural development, health projects, funding for political activism, education, and environmental protection.


Corporate Arm

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The Corporate Arm of The Social Corp will be focused on responsible profit generation for the entire company.  It will be composed of concerted efforts focused on measurable business outputs democratically decided, planned and implemented by the community.  Structurally it will function like any other corporation.  The main difference, besides our social outlook, is that the community will be used for all aspects of the business; the initial formation documents, corporate charter, branding & marketing, product/ service testing, market research, organizational structuring, policy creation, etc.  Areas of initial interests include; micro-financing, green capital funding, business incubation, green energy, product development and encouraging growth of local sustainable businesses.

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The Social Corporation : Who We Are

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We are a group of individuals. We are a social movement and a business enterprise. We are many things, but above all, we are people with a common vision for a better future. We are The Social Corporation.

We believe that this better future can be achieved by moving our economy in the direction of social entrepreneurship. We consider ourselves to be the first of a new generation of social entrepreneurs who will radically change the way people think about “value” and doing business.

We believe that our movement is a blueprint for a better world. We want to improve our communities and protect the environment by supporting, tracking and finishing projects which maximize social benefit.

What we are not

We are not idealists. We are grounded in reality. This better world we envision be brought about by setting up systems for people to come together and work towards solving issues they care about. We fully understand that merely believing in something won’t do us any good. We have to turn our ideas into action.

We are not socialists. We aren’t interested in playing political games. Furthermore, we recognize how competition and markets induce productivity and we are not at all opposed to money or finance. In fact, we believe that our model can only work in a fair and free market environment.

We are not dreamers who are just active on the internet. It is true that our social media infrastructure uses online media, but it deals with real projects in the real world. This is not some kind of online utopian project, but a real attempt at fundamentally changing the way enterprises do business: we aim to recreate businesses as social ventures rather than exclusively profit-seeking ones.

How you can help

Our movement is still developing, and we can use all the help we can get. Follow us as our movement grows and our projects take shape. Witness the rise of a truly social movement, both online and in the real world.

We encourage everyone who is interested in our message about social entrepreneurship to get involved. Do you have any ideas? Send them to us! Are you interested in helping us in a more hands-on approach? Don’t hesitate to volunteer! Want to contribute financially? Send us a donation or buy some of our promotional products!

But above all, spread our message. We believe our vision is shared by millions of Americans and people all over the world, though not always consciously. The more people hear of our ideas, the earlier these ideas will make an impact on the mainstream. So engage us here, talk about us on Facebook, tell your friends, and, most importantly, share our message!



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The Social Corporation's strength is in our numbers.  Change can only become a reality if all of us help spread the word!